Theory of change

Starting with women, investing in women, reaching women.


We believe that improved business skills, access to business-enhancing inputs and services, and access to finance, combined with social support to provide women the motivation to grow their businesses, leads to increased business performance for women, resulting in higher incomes and increased economic opportunity.

By strengthening the supply side of the financial institutions in gender awareness during marketing, product design and agent recruitment, there will be a multiplicative effect on the number of women clients who will have access to safe and convenient savings.

In this, BWC aims to demonstrate that investing more fully in women agents as entrepreneurs can be an effective marketing tool for the bank and will drive agent and customer loyalty – especially among women – in what is likely to become a more competitive market in the future.

Since women invest twice as much in their families as men, we expect this to lead to a virtuous cycle of economic growth, female economic opportunity and improved livelihoods of families and communities.


Implementation approach

Select an implementation strand to see how our strategy evolves.

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