Founding Partners

ExxonMobil Foundation

Since its founding, BWC has partnered with the ExxonMobil Foundation to implement our mission and strategy in Tanzania, Nigeria and Mozambique. As part of its Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative, the ExxonMobil Foundation supports for effort to advance women economically, encourage and assist women entrepreneurs, increase financial literacy and improve women farmers’ productivity.

In focusing on increasing women’s access to financial services and promoting business skills, BWC reflects the mission of the Exxon Mobil Foundation’s She Counts Program. She Counts focuses specifically on programs that encourage financial service providers in developing countries to design and offer products to encourage women business owners to save.

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Since 2016, TechnoServe is the implementing partner of the BWC program. TechnoServe has been providing technical assistance to Mozambique’s industries, agribusinesses, and entrepreneurs with high-growth potential for over 20 years. As implementing partner, TechnoServe coordinates the BWC program across Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria.


Financial Services Partners


Letshego Bank

Letshego is the official banking partner of the BWC program. Founded in Botswana in 1998, Letshego began a banking agent program in 2016 and developed a strategy to reach financially excluded demographics.



BWC partners with M-Pesa, a Vodacom service, to help clients use mobile banking to make deposits and payments for banking, services and utilities.


Community Partners


An initiative of MUVA, MUVA + aims to strengthen the skills, voice and access to opportunities of women working in informal markets. BWC and MUVA + work together to form educational relationships among women vendors and BWC-trained agents.


Sponsored by USAID/PEPFAR, COVida aims to improve the lives of vulnerable children by connecting orphans and at-risk families to critical social services. BWC and COVida work together to form educational relationships among families in the program and BWC-trained agents.


BWC informally partners with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) to share insights, learning and strategy in the financial inclusion sector.